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2,800 sq. ft.




Step into the world of "Nouveau 239", a plush and minimalistic haven that embraces bursts of color in a sophisticated, harmonious blend. This home is a testament to the impeccable taste of a couple—a young, vibrant duo—who find joy in hosting while creating a secure sanctuary for their young child and treasured older parents.

From the moment you enter, the home's understated elegance captivates, with clean lines and uncluttered spaces providing a canvas for pops of vibrant hues. The carefully curated accents and furnishings effortlessly infuse warmth and character into the serene ambiance.

The heart of "Nouveau 239" lies in its ability to adapt seamlessly to various occasions. Whether it's hosting lively gatherings with friends or creating a tranquil retreat for the family, this home effortlessly transitions to meet every need. Amidst the sleek décor and modern design elements, every corner exudes comfort and functionality, ensuring a safe haven for both the little one's playful adventures and the elders' moments of peace.


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